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Dear People of the Internet,

If you know me, awesome and you probably understand what this website is and what it means to me. If you don’t know me, and you somehow found this website without me telling you… Welcome Anyway! This is my official entertainment review website where I will discuss many different trends and aesthetics of Television, Film, and Music (specifically the first one). Okay discuss is a heavy word. I’m basically just going to gush and criticize my favorite shows and then we’ll see where we go from there. I’ll attempt to start posting reviews with some regularity, possibly even going into episodic reviews, but until my head is on straight we’re just going to play it fast and loose  with season reviews. But in any case if you are reading this thank you for your support and I promise to never post anything less than my informed, honest opinion as any great review website should.

This is going to be a fun ride,

Bobby Mitchell


P.S. My first review will be on Orphan Black’s second season and will be posted soon!


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